In the Spring of 2018, 135,425 trees were planted in 10 village locations covering a total area of 32 hectares.

Over 8,000 volunteers, many of them school children, took part in the programme, restoring degraded natural ecosystems and at the same time raising awareness of important environmental issues.

Since the joint Mihai Eminescu Trust/ACCOR project began in 2009, the total number of trees planted stands at well over 2 million. Varieties of trees planted include: Fagus (Beech), Picea abies (Spruce), Fraxinus (Ash), Quercus petrae (Evergreen oak), Acer pseudoplatanus Sycamore maple), Larix, Alnus glutinosa (Common alder)

The Prince of Wales and Caroline Fernolend planting a tree in 2013, as part of the MET/ACCOR tree planting project